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About Chaos Genius

Chaos Genius is an open-source business observability platform. Chaos Genius enables businesses to monitor their KPIs across multiple data sources, and perform automated root cause analysis for any deviation in the KPIs.

Chaos Genius can help teams reduce their Mean-Time-To-Detect (MTTD) and Mean-Time-To-Resolve (MTTR) for any issues in their business and data KPIs. With Chaos Genius, we aim to automate the diagnosis and root-cause-analysis for deviations in different business and data KPIs at scale.

Key Use-Cases

Business KPI Observability - All important business KPIs such as Sign Ups, Payment Gateway Failures, Fraud Detection, Ad Spend, Campaign Performance, DAUs, Retention, Engagement and many others.

Data Quality KPI Observability - Data quality metrics like Data Volume, Freshness, Max, Mean, Median, Min, Missing Data, Null Count and many others.

Systems KPI Observability - System metrics like Cloud Costs, Cloud Failure, Infra performance and many others.

IOT/Device KPI Observability - Device metrics like performance, data volumes, uptime and many others.

Key Features

Anomaly Detection - Modular anomaly detection toolkit for monitoring high-dimensional time series with ability to select from different models. Anomaly investigation across multiple dimensions and data quality metrics like volume, max, mean and missing data.

DeepDrills - Multidimensional drill-downs & waterfall analysis to identify the top drivers of change in a KPI across multiple dimensions.

Smart Alerts - No more alert fatigue from static alerts. Self-learning thresholds to reduce false positives. Configurations to setup alert frequency & severity. Choose from multiple destinations like Slack, Email and other channels for your team.

Integrations - Modular architecture to enable multiple data sources including databases, data warehouses and multiple third party connectors like Stripe, Shopify, Google Analytics, and many others.

See more on our website.

Quick Install

Chaos Genius comes in two versions. The Default version is lighter and works with all DBs/DWs and is recommended. The Third-party version enables more 3rd party data sources in addition to databases & data warehouses.

If you only need databases and data warehouses such as Postgres, MySQL, BigQuery, Redshift or Snowflake, use these commands:

git clone

cd chaos_genius

docker-compose up

Chaos Genius - Third-party Version Installation

If you also need any third-party data sources such as Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Shopify, Stripe, Bind Ads, Facebook Marketing or Google Ads, use these commands instead:

git clone

cd chaos_genius

docker-compose -f docker-compose.thirdparty.yml up

When the installation is complete, visit http://localhost:8080

Visit the Quick Start section showing you how to connect a data source, define your first KPI, configure Anomaly Detector on your local machine.

If you want to schedule office hours with our team to help you get set up, please select some time directly here.

To upgrade Chaos Genius visit the Upgrading Chaos Genius section under Operator Guides.


Chaos Genius is a community driven initiative. For any help, discussions, suggestions feel free to reach out to the Chaos Genius team and the Community on either of the following channels.

  • GitHub (report bugs, contribute, follow roadmap)

  • Slack (For discussion with the Community and Chaos Genius team)

  • Book Office Hours (Set Up time with Chaos Genius team for any questions or help with setup)

  • Blog (Follow us on latest trends on Data, Machine Learning, Open Source and more)


Here's a shout out to all our contributors.

Want to contribute? Visit our Github repo and:

  • Try Chaos Genius and share your feedback.

  • Submit an issue.

  • Share a part of the documentation that you find difficult to follow.

  • Translate our Readme.

  • Show us some love - Give us a 🌟!

  • Create a pull request. Here's a list of issues to start with. Please review our contribution guidelines before opening a pull request.

Thank you for contributing!


Check out our Roadmap section covering our immediate and 6-12 week milestones. Something missing? Feel free to raise an issue or drop us a line.


Chaos Genius is licensed under the MIT license. See the License section for licensing information.